Coverage of Zurich Escort rates

The indicated fees cover both the remuneration of the companions and the services of Nascotte. The minimum booking time for a escort service in Zurich and other cities in Switzerland is two hours. Though, if ever possible, allow a more generous time scheduling. Having sufficient time will always be beneficial — why not start your date with a nice, relaxing dinner, the following sweet will be the cherry on the top..

Duration  CHF
2h 700
3h 900
4h 1100
5h 1300
Over night (ca. 10h) 1600
Over night (ca. 14h) 1’900
Other durations On request
Non-private 1h* 150
2h 600
3h 800
4h 950
5h 1100
Over night (ca. 10h) 1’400
Over night (ca. 14h) 1’700
Other durations On request
Non-private 1h* 130


Further Informations:

  • The total amount is due at the beginning of your date and is payable in cash directly to your companion.
  • Usually travel costs are included (depending on travel distance and booking duration)! As for exact travel costs and other expenses, we will provide detailed information previous to the final booking.
  • Cancellation fees: There are no cancellation fees until 24 hours before the agreed appointment. Expenses at your own account like e.g. travel costs can unfortunately not be refunded.
  • It may exceptionally occur you find out at the very beginning of your date that the Escort-Lady is not as imagined. It’s possible to cancel the date within the first 15min for such a reason. We ask you to pay a fair compensation to your Escort Lady.
  • Non Private Service* – it’s a additional option togehter with a privat-service booking. It’s ideal to get your companion better known. A candle-light dinner, a ship tour on the river… we will organize everything for you.
  • Please read the General Terms and Conditions (GTCT) of Nascotte before you may confirm your booking. With the booking you agree to accept the general terms and conditions of Nascotte.