Escort Job and Casting informations

You’re at least 18 years old; you’re an attractive cultural and classy ‘true lady’ and ideally speak at least one foreign language? Please fell free to learn more about our service. First of all there is no limit in age if you call your-self an attractive women. Attractive means that you have a certain character and what people would call sex-appeal.

Escort Zurich by Nascotte is offering a first-class escort service for the upper class clientele. A service without time pressure and an obliging appearance to ensure the customers will keep us in good memory.

Nascotte’ is a small business with a familiar atmosphere. We all work together on the goal of being able to offer a first-class service for an appropriately high fee. Having high fees you as future escort-lady will be (LIMITED) guaranteed to be able to meet a certain clientele with a certain niveau.

Nascotte’ is arranging respectable men which are looking for a rendez-vous or an accompaniment for a couple of hours or for an entire weekend in Zurich. For this adventure you will be excellently paid and for that our guest can expect an all-time pleasurable and first-class entertainment from your side. One of the guests ambition may be the erotical service. Therefor our aim is his way up there. Erotic has to be something you like. It’s very important to ensure an immaculate reputation of the agency – on that point we have to focus.

But also very important to us the Nascotte’ team is your well being as we believe our co-workers will only be able to develop their full charm if they feel save with us. We’re a small agency and want to create a friendly and familiar atmosphere to be able to work together on the target: ‘the customer is king’.

Fell free to call us for further information about escort job and casting: +41 (0)78 675 00 88

If we now have awakened your interest in that very well paid side-job in Zurich, please fill in the contact form below. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Kind Regards your team Nascotte.